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What others are saying:

Endeshaw A.

I am so blessed to learn about the pandemics along with historical events associated with it in the context of the Bible in a very clear, simple and interesting way. I promise to share this with my family and friends. May God bless all involved in the preparation and arrangement to spread this message around the World.

Alrick B.

This was awesome! Texts that I have read before I understood better today. In the history of banning the Bible I never thought about how people could have benefited from the health principles if they only had access to the Bible. Thank you for this lesson study.

Shadrick N.

It is good to see how the Bible principles can clearly be applied in our daily lives. This is a good lesson that needs to be taken by every Christian; we have a problem where many do not want to follow health principles as highlighted in the Bible.

Andra D.

I can't believe how I learned all of that within a matter of minutes, and absolutely FREE! This kind of experiences and knowledge I'd really felt thankful to everyone who make this possible!


It is very useful in the sense that it reinforces and added more insights to what I already know. The presentation is awesome. I'm satisfied with the learning platform, very practical.

John A.

First of all i really appreciate the website for teaching me the Bible and I wish to learn more and I'm so happy may the almighty God richly bless you!

Andrew H.

The course was so very useful I learned a lot out of it and it's really improved my Сhristianity, and it is well presented, am satisfied with the process. Thanks so much

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