10 modules
225 minutes

This course is for you if you:

Keep asking the same questions without getting answers.

Feel depressed and wonder if God is still working in your life.

Don’t feel like your prayers are getting answered.

Need strength and support to overcome the challenges and difficulties you are currently facing.

What you'll get:

Practical tips on how to cultivate a great prayer life!

Understanding of God’s purpose in prayer.

Motivational stories to inspire and encourage you!

Does this sound like you?

Wondering whether or not  prayer can change your life.
Wondering whether or not prayer can change your life.
Needing strength to cope with life’s difficulties.
Needing strength to cope with life’s difficulties.
Needing practical advice on how to start praying.
Needing practical advice on how to start praying.
The course has had an amazing response
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Pavel Goia
Pastor, course author

I was born in Romania to a Christian family and grew up during the communist regime. Despite the government’s hostile stance toward religion, my family remained faithful to God. At just five years old, I felt a calling to serve God, a promise that I have kept and continue to honor today.

Course Program
Lesson 1
Can Prayer Make a Difference in My Life?
30 minutes
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Lesson 2
If God Knows Everything, What’s the Point of Praying?
15 minutes
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Lesson 3
What Is the Biggest Problem I Face When Praying?
30 minutes
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Lesson 4
Where Is God During the Hard Times?
15 minutes
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Lesson 5
Do You Really Want a Miracle?
30 minutes
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Lesson 6
Making Sense of Unanswered Prayers
15 minutes
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Lesson 7
The Most Important Prayer of the Day
30 minutes
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Lesson 8
7 Tips for Starting Your Day With God
15 minutes
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Lesson 9
Is It Really Possible to ‘Pray Without Ceasing’?
30 minutes
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Lesson 10
Practical Tips for Developing Your Prayer Life
15 minutes
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What others are saying:

Lydia U.
This course is tremendously packed with powerful lessons. I pray God grant me grace to implement these lessons. God bless you Pastor Goia!
Nancy A.
I loved each lesson - the length of the lessons are perfect. I started these lessons as I wanted to grow in my prayer life, these lessons have given me direction on how to pray, the importance of prayer. Thank you for this great course!
I have learnt so much in this course I want to thank you personally for your time to educate someone like me. God bless you as you continue in this field.🙏🙏
Juanita M.
Im grateful for all the information Ive gleaned from watching Pavels sermons over the last five years, to be put into one simple form to be able to be shared with precious souls who are hungry for a deeper experience with God. Thankyou for taking the time to do this, and thankyou for sharing the wisdom learned from your Grandfather, Father, wife and the Holy Spirit. I plan to be eternally grateful and look forward, if not in this lifetime, to sit with you Pavel in the kingdom and share the stories of Gods workings in the lives of these precious souls around me because of the instruction given. Oh the stories. I want to encourage your heart that God is doing a mighty work through you. May Gods praises be always on our lips. God bless you, and keep you shining. With much regard and a grateful heart.
Elaj I.
What an amazing course. Perfectly put together. The illustrations really encouraged me to continue. The contents and the teaching was really plain and clear. Easy to understand. Thank you and God bless you Pastor!
Helen B.
I'm so thankful that I've started and completed this course. Not only have I learned so much about God's character but also how to build and have a meaningful prayer relationship with God. I always found myself at a loss of words because I always felt I didn't want to waste God's time with my problems but I know now that He deeply cares for me and that He wants me to trust Him with my whole life and everything concerning me. I've also learned how to effectively pray for others. Whilst doing this course I started feeling a constant urge the pray all the time, at any time and any place. Any occasion became an occasion to say a prayer or give thanks to God. It became harder for me to "switch off" from praying. I am falling asleep praying, I'm driving and praying, I'm bathing and praying, Whatever I do I find myself praying or just talking to God. Thank You for a well taught course. I've also learned that my prayer time is the best time to get to know God better
Natalie W.
I praise God for all I have learnt through this course. I thank Him for using this to make me know Him better and I am just pleased by the fact that He doesn't want me far away from Him but rather wants me to have a deeper relationship with Him.
Sydney N.
This is a life changing course and few things in life especially courses are this potent!
I am so blessed with this lesson on prayer. It answered all the questions in my heart. I dont know how to come to God in prayer. I wander while praying. This lesson teach me to Focus on knowing God and trusting Him.
Margaret G.
To be reminded to seek God first in all areas of my life brought me back to the very first commitment I made to put God first!
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