5 Secrets of Prayer that Will Transform Your Life

Is this you?
Want to pray truly effective prayers
Want to pray truly effective prayers
Want to know how God answers prayers
Want to know how God answers prayers
Want to grow your relationship with God
Want to grow your relationship with God
Pastor Pavel Goia

Pavel knew from an early age that God had called him. But living in a Communist country made ministry dangerous and he has a lifetime of answered prayers to prove it!

He experienced one miracle after another, and he is here to show you how to have your own deep experience with God.

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Lesson 1
Is there something stopping you from praying?
30 minutes
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Lesson 2
What do you need to know about God and prayer
30 minutes
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Lesson 3
Are you sure you want incredible miracles in your life?
30 minutes
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Lesson 4
The most important prayer of the day
30 minutes
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Students say:


This course was a blessing to me because it gave me a better understanding of what prayer should be and what it should entail. We are to communicate with God in a sincere and respectable way as if we were communicating with a friend or family member. 🙏🏻 We are to go to God wholeheartedly with all that we have and placing our petitions at the foot of the cross.


Thanks so much, this first lesson has helped me to know better where my prayer life stands. I love this lesson! Plus, it's a big bonus that it feels real talking to my favorite pastor, Pastor Pavel!! Thank you, Lord! ❤️


The course made me understand that connections and communication with God are important in our lives. It has taught me totally trust in God to carry me through no matter the trials. Everything about the course is good. Thank you Pr Goia.


I really admire your teachings and hope to learn with you another time. May Lord fulfill all your endeavors in life and long life with sufficient wealth and good health. Most importantly to trust God in every situation, bad or good, even to be patient with God's answers.


I thank the Lord for these lessons and I pray that He will help me grow spiritually each day. Be blessed Pastor Pavel. The course is a true blessing for me. I have been struggling with my prayer life and spiritual growth. I am very satisfied with everything.


All the lessons that I have studied I have learned a lot and drew me closer to God and it teaches me that whatever I do put God first. The course is a confirmation that when we pray we basically don't dictate to God what u do but trust the process and allow God to have his way in and around us.


One thing I must say is that I was moved by all the fulfilling information about the importance of prayers and time, also prayers at the morning clears passage for you to deal with any situation calmly and also to revoke whatever was set for you and family for that day.

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